Founded in 2005 by Lisa Moore, Ph.D., is proud to be a bilingual kindergarten that provides quality international standards of care and education in Hanoi.

With child-centered approach, every child’s thoughts and ideas play an important role in shaping our learning agenda. O’Hana is particularly concerned about the close relationship between the teacher and the child, thus understanding what the child thinks and needs to realize his or her individual potential.

O’Hana applies the Reggio Emilia method of education – an innovative and inspirational approach to early childhood education. We also apply the doctrines of experts such as Vygotsky, Bruner, Gardner and Dweck – experts in specific fields: Psychology – Social – Cognitive – Development & Diversity. These doctrines have been proven to be the highest standards in international education, with outstanding features that give children many opportunities and tools to be creative, to help them be ready to face the challenge. Learn and be more creative and full of new ideas.

A well-rounded and well-trained curriculum is provided by experienced teachers who are all that you need for your child to have a solid foundation for the future.